Abbreviated CV

TAKEUCHI Toshitaka (as of May, 2016) (Family name, Given name) Current position: Professor, Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University Fields of Interest: International Relations, Arms Control and Disarmament, Game Theory Education (in chronological order) Kyoto University, BS in Environmental Engineering, 1975 University of Oregon, BA in Political Science, 1978 University of Washington, MA in Political Science, 1980 Stanford University, AM (MA) in East Asian Studies, 1981 Employment (in chronological order) Associate Professor, Teikoku Women’s Junior College (Osaka International College) April, 1988~March, 1991 Associate Professor, Osaka University of Foreign Studies, April, 1991~Dec. 2001 Professor, Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Jan., 2002~Sept. 2007 From Oct., 2007 to the present, the current position ・Adviser, the Ship for World Youth, (administered by Japan’s Government), Jan.~March, 1995 ・Legal Adviser, Delega